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Hengxing Group was one of the major building materials enterprises in Xiamen at his beginning, which had developed its trading vigorously. That is to say, trading has been the traditional industry of Hengxing Group. After years of development, the Group has maintained the long-term cooperation stably with many excellent partners at home and abroad, with a turnover exceeding RMB 12 billion yuan.

As an outstanding trading company owned by Hengxing Group, Xiamen Be-Top Resources Co.,Ltd has his own 22-story office building----BE-TOP BUILDING located in the attractive Xiamen Wuyuan Bay Operation Center. Mainly engaged in the commodity trade including steel, electrolytic copper, lead, zinc, nickel, rubber, methanol, ethylene glycol, PTA, coke, coal, gold, palm oil and corn, the company is also continuously expanding his trading varieties based on current trend of the market. Be-Top has established long-term strategic partnership with many large enterprises at home and abroad, covering his market not only in the entire regions of East China, South China and North China, but also into Africa, the Middle East, Europe, the US and Southeast Asia. Besides that Xiamen Be-Top Resources Co.,Ltd is led by Hengxing Group, other trading companies scattered in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore such as Shanghai Tanqiao Commercial & Trading Co.,Ltd, Xiamen Hengxing Group Merchants Co.,Ltd, Treasure Power Trading(Hong Kong) Ltd, Fine Top International Trading Co.,Ltd, Be-Top Metal Co.,Ltd and Be-Top Resources (Singapore) Trading Pte .Ltd are also parts o f the Hengxing empire.

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